Downtown Craftsman Rebirth

A listed Potential Historic Structure, the original one story 1912 Craftsman home features a prominent porch addressing the corner of its small, (.2 AC), urban site. The remaining lot consisted of haphazard non-historic accessory structures whose removal allowed for a new, attached two story residence to be inserted while complying with current setbacks, open space and parking requirements.

Designed to the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Treatment of Historic Properties, the Craftsmen exterior was restored including replacement and repair of deteriorated siding and detailing. Wood replacement windows were provided throughout. The feature porch was restored to its original brick, shedding the non-historic slump stone additions.

The interior was completely remodeled, creating a master suite and updated kitchen more suited to modern living. All the original MEP systems were replaced along with adding energy efficiency upgrades to bring it to current standards. The foundation and structure were retrofitted.

Following the Secretary of the Interior’s guidelines the addition blends with, but does not replicate the original. The new home steps back from the street with a covered second floor porch and the living spaces oriented away from the neighbors. Its porch, materials and detailing all take their queue from the Craftsmen original.

Using the added revenue the new residence created this preservation project restores and respects the original house, maintaining neighborhood scale and character, while adding new housing opportunities to the community – Historic Preservation/Renovation with and eye to the present as well as the past.